Aprenda a assinar um programa para celular com Symbian

Para quem tem dúvidas sobre como fazer uma assinatura de um programa para Symbian, com certeza o texto abaixo, apesar de estar em inglês, vai ajudar bastante.

Veja o texto:

Softwares Required :

Developer Certificate Request Tool [ Download ]
Sign SiS Tool [ Download ]

Generating a Developer Certificate :

– Register and create an account at SymbianSigned.com
– Make a directory on your PC. e.g.- c:cert
– Install Developer Certificate Request Tool.
– Launch the above program.
– Step1: Enter “c:certmycert.csr” in the textbox and click “Next”.
– Step2: Set ACS pub id available > NO, Type “c:certmycert.key” in private key file textbox and “mycert” as password. Click Next.
– Step3: Fill out your location details accordingly. Click Next.
– Step4: Add your phone IMEI (type *#06# on your phone), Press Ctrl+A to select all capabilities and click “Add”. Click Next.
– Click “Finish” and “Close”.
We have generated certificate request file (mycert.csr) which will help us acquire a developer certificate (mycert.cer) to sign our unsigned files with.
– Login to SymbianSigned.com with the account info you used earlier while registering.
– Click “My Symbian Signed” Tab.
– Click “Developer Certificates” in left menu, then Click “Request” link below it.
– Type in the anti-robot security code and browse to select “c:certmykey.csr” file and click “Send”.
– Your certificate has been generated. Click “Download” button and save the file as “c:certmycert.cer”
So, you are ready to sign your unsigned application now!
NOTE : Developer certificates have a validity of 6 months only and works only on the phone with matching IMEI number you used while creating certificate request. You can reuse this certificate to sign other files later if required.
Finally, the actual signing…! Well, there are many ways to sign the unsigned file including running a Python script…he he, OK…I’m now showing you the simplest way with a special GUI program made solely for this purpose.
Signing the Application :
– Unzip the Sign SiS Tool you downloaded into “c:cert”.
– Run the SignSiSUI.exe , enter the data as shown below and click “Sign It”. If everything goes well, you should get a message and a “appname.signed.sis” file would be created in “c:cert”. You can now install this SiS file onto your phone.

Fonte: n95-nokia-phone.


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