Nokia PC Phone – Nova versão 1.2.2204

O programa Nokia PC Phone ganhou uma nova versão com uma série de melhorias e correções de bugs. A nova versão 1.2.2204 está disponível para download no link abaixo.

Veja a lista completa das alterações e correções:

– Significant performance improvements; the first time you connect you phone is slowish (PC Phone does a
"full sync" with your phone), though
– General stability issues corrected
– In call and SMS logs dates were shown as "today" although they actually were "yesterday".
– Get Connected Wizard now warns about incompatible phones and connectivity methods (does not
tell that S60 3.0 phones are not fully compatible, though)
– Most of sorting and search problems fixed
– Problems with national characters in contacs fixed
– Some times PC Phone mixed certain phone number fields in contacts
– PC Phone installer does not install add-on for Internet Expoler other than 7.x
– Problems with multiline note in contacts corrected
– Phone numbers in Contact details were sometimes mixed (i.e. home number was seen as work number)
– Special characters in contact text fields caused prblems; fixed
– Web page phone number recognition has been improved (covers more phone number writing styles)
– IE7: phone numbers in Contacts tab are not any more "painted" for click-to-call
– "Recognize phone numbers" setting in Firefox is now saved (i.e. the setting is not lost when Firefox is restarted)
– In certain situations incoming call/SMS number was not mapped to name; corrected
– The telephone number of a contact was not seen in contact details with some phones; fixed
– A telephone number in contacts can be in format +44(12)345678 – i.e. parenthesis (and also other delimites) are

New features:
– Call log entry can be deleted
– Browser "refresh" button initiates full (and slow) sync with phone
– Added new "doing something" indicators
– When answering a call with SMS the caller number is editable (in some cases the phone drops
leading "0" or international prefix)
– SMSes sent with PC Phone and S40 phones are now saved in PC Phone

Download here.

Fonte: Beta Labs Nokia.

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