GetJar: Conheça os vencedores do Terceiro Mobile Awards

O site GetJar é especializado em programas e games para celulares de praticamente todas as marcas, e neste ano anunciou o terceiro GetJar Mobile Awards: Google Maps, onde foram indicados como melhores programas do ano o Opera Mini, scanR, Twitter e Strands Social Player. Neste ano os vencedores foram programas muito úteis no uso diário e algumas ferramentas para a utilização de mídias sociais como o Twitter.

Veja a lista dos vencedores deste ano e faça o download dos programas nos links abaixo! Quero testar com mais calma o Strands Social Player para ver se é realmente bom!!

1. Product of the Year — Google Maps for Mobile
Google Maps for mobile is a free, downloadable application that puts maps, driving directions, business listings, and much more in your pocket. And with the My Location feature, find your location with or without GPS. Available for BlackBerry, Java (J2ME), Pocket PC, Symbian.

2. Best Consumer App: Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a fast Web browser that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone. It lets you take all your favorite Web sites with you, and download images and MP3s when you’re on the go. Available for BlackBerry, Java (J2ME), Palm, Pocket PC and nearly every other mobile platform.

3. Best Enterprise App: scanR
scanR turns your camera phone into a scanner, copier and fax. In the office, on the road, or at home—wherever you are—you can make digital copies using your mobile phone’s camera. Available for: BlackBerry, Java (J2ME), Palm, Symbian.

4. Best Mobile Web Application: Twitter
This category recognizes a special class of application – one that runs on the web and is access from the phone. Twitter, the free social messaging utility, is now also on your mobile, so you can follow your friends’ Tweets and tweet back at them. Available for BlackBerry, Java (J2ME), Pocket PC, Symbian.

5. “Up and Coming” App of the Year: Strands Social Player
Strands Social Player is a music player that works with MyStrands so you can discover new music, connect with people, and share your tastes with friends. The latest version supports scrobbling to Available for Java (J2ME) and Symbian.

Fonte: Into Mobile.

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