Update: YouTube 2.0.11 para o Nokia 5800


A primeira versão do YouTube testada no Nokia 5800 não ficou com o áudio perfeito, mas após a instalação da versão 2.0.11 as coisas ficaram praticamente perfeitas!! Veja as melhorias do aplicativo:

* More phones — supports most important Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices (a list of supported Nokia S60 devices is available here).
* Speed — faster application start-up, searching, and video loading. For even quicker access, add the application icon to your phone’s home screen.
* Video quality — the application automatically detects your device and network capabilities, and selects the highest available stream quality based on those. Videos will look sharper and sound clearer than ever.
* WiFi — improved streaming over WiFi to support a wider range of networks.
* More robust streaming — improved buffering ensures that videos will play even in weak coverage areas.
* Easy video viewing — once installed, no configuration is required outside of the application. The application is very simple to use and allows you to search and browse YouTube.

Ótimo programa para aproveitar o telão do Nokia 5800!!! Para fazer o download visite o site Symbian Application.

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