Atualização do Nokia 808 PureView

A partir de hoje a Nokia começou a liberar uma nova versão do firmware para o Nokia 808 PureView que passará a contar com as seguintes novidades:

  • New QWERTY keyboard with prediction bar
  • New text selection icons and magnifying glass
  • New Swipe to unlock introduced
  • Improved image editor
  • Improved video editor
  • Improvements in Gallery
    • Landscape gallery mode
    • Delete button to mark objects
    • Image details button added
  • New Music Player user interface and version v17.3.18
  • Music Pause / Play button(s) in notification bar
  • New HTML based Nokia Web Browser  (v8.3.2.21)
  • UI Improvements on Nokia Web Browser
  • New camera UI – In Creative mode
  • New popup in file manager
  • Video editor is now included
  • Nokia Car Mode built in (in some regions?)
  • New button in connection selection popup menu


  • Update is live OTA for Nokia 808, 701, 700 and 603.
  • It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region.
  • No official changelog has been released yet.

É muito bom ver minha câmera de bolso com Symbian ganhar algumas melhorias pouco tempo depois da compra!

Mais detalhes no Symbian Tweet ou neste link!


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